NGLCC Announces Historic $4 Million Public-Private Initiative

On June 25, the White House announced that the US International Aid Agency (USAID) will contribute $1,250,000 to a historic NGLCC-led initiative for the global economic empowerment of LGBT businesses and entrepreneurs.

According to Joanna Dees, Vice President of Global Programs and Corporate Relations at the NGLCC, “This partnership creates an avenue for U.S. LGBT businesses to become trading and strategic partners with LGBT business owners in program countries, including Mexico, Colombia and Peru. It will also encourage program country businesses to become suppliers to multinational corporations, in-country companies, and government agencies. Through this partnership we will encourage intra-regional trade and teaming with LGBT-owned businesses in the U.S. to respond to multinational contracting opportunities.”

In addition to the $1.25MM in support from the USAID, the NGLCC has raised nearly $3MM in private sector funding and in-kind commitments for the initiative.

One of IBA’s own local members, LinguiSearch, has committed $250,000 in market research services to the NGLCC for this initiative. LinguiSearch, a boutique market research consultancy, is a charter member of the IBA, and an NGLCC-certified LGBT-owned enterprise. “LinguiSearch is proud to be one of the NGLCC’s private sector partners in this groundbreaking initiative” said David Schellenberg, President and CEO of LinguiSearch.“Our investment in this initiative will not only contribute to the economic growth and influence of LGBT businesses worldwide, but will also allow LinguiSearch to develop new domestic and international trading partners, to the benefit of the bottom lines of all involved.”

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