Join the IBA and Equality PA’s Campaign for Fairness

[We] believe that when the state recognizes and supports people who work hard and play by the rules regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, then we will live in a welcoming place where business can grow and thrive. Our company is taking a stand to support legislation to include sexual orientation and gender identity in discrimination… because it is the right thing to do, and because it’s good for business.

Christopher Whibley, IBA Board Member Executive Assistant Legal, Elsevier IBA Corporate Partner

Most Pennsylvanians are shocked to learn that in Pennsylvania it is still legal to be fired from your job, evicted from your home, or turned away from a business, just for being gay or transgender.

Under the law of the Commonwealth, employees and customers are not protected based on their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. This means that you can be fired because of who you love or denied service because of the gender that you express.


Pennsylvanians from all walks of life – Republicans and Democrats, businesses large and small, people from every part of the Commonwealth – share the fundamental belief that everyone should have the opportunity to get a job and provide for themselves and their families. Yet employees in Pennsylvania remain unprotected. That is why ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is so important. Across the country, businesses are leading the charge in speaking out against discrimination: nearly 91 percent of Fortune 500 companies have sexual orientation non-discrimination policies and 57 percent have gender identity non-discrimination policies.

In the IBA, we have a very strong and growing business community of LGBT businesses, professionals and supportive allies. We care about this community and understand how important it is to have laws and policies in place that strengthen our businesses and provide a welcome environment that enable our employees to flourish. By joining the Campaign for Fairness, your voice can help our strong business community make a difference.

Please join the IBA – Equality PA partnership by signing on as a supporter of the Campaign for Fairness in Pennsylvania. You can sign up your business or as an individual. Sign on today and select “Small Business” if you are business supporter.