Member in the Spotlight: Gary Hines

How many years have you been with the company? 


Description of product/service of your company:

The Gary Hines Consulting Group, LLC – Project Management, Program Development and Coordination, Business Research and Analysis, Career Counseling


Company or organization besides yours that you respect most:

That is a tough one, but I’ll be democratic and say OIC- Opportunities Industrialization Center.  Started in Philadelphia by Rev. Leon Sullivan in the 60’s.  They have been providing economic and workforce empowerment to minorities and underserved communities for decades.  They are now a national organization.


Business leader or innovator you want to emulate:

 Again, extremely difficult to choose one, but I will say Jack Drummond who is the Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Black Male Engagement and a community activist.


Most important business decision:

To work on a big project for a government agency. The dilemma was whether I could handle the assignment.


Most important life decision:

Moving to California at 21.


When and why you joined the IBA:

I joined in 2015 when I launched my business!


Greatest advantage to being a member:

Networking and community support.


Proudest moment, honor, or achievement:

Receiving Master’s Degree while working full time.


How are you involved with giving back to the community?

I currently sit on Philadelphia Fight’s Advisory Board, and am a former board member at William Way Community Center, former City Commissioner for the Mayor’s Commission for African American Males, and former advisory board for Drexel University’s STEM programs.  I’ve volunteered for Philly Black Pride, was a juror for Qflix, a current member of Men of All Colors Together, Former host of LGBT-centric “The Catacombs” Online Radio show on G-Town Radio, and former writer at the Colours Organization.


Little known fact:

I protested the City’s Soda Tax in front of City Hall and filmed a commercial for the Beverage Industry (it never aired).


Guiltiest pleasure:

Most British TV dramas and sweet and tangy treats (chocolate covered pretzels).


Favorite vacation spot:

NYC & Montreal.


Last book read:

Currently reading “ The Perfect Nanny” by Leila Slimani.