Corporate Partner Feature: West Laurel Hill

In our Corporate Partner Feature series, we’ll be introducing you to the generous partners that help the IBA fulfill its mission each year. First up – West Laurel Hill! 


Firstly, who are your IBA Representatives?

Deborah Cassidy, Priyanka Setty, Tom Cavanaugh, and Michele Meckler.


How long have you been involved with the IBA?

6 years


Why is Corporate Partnership with the IBA important to West Laurel Hill?

Being a Corporate Partner allows us to support and connect with the LGBT community as well as help further the mission of the IBA!  As a Corporate Partner, we have been introduced to organizations who we now do business with, allowed us to create and collaborate on events such as Run4UrLife, and led us to develop new and lasting friendships outside of the business world!


What is West Laurel Hill most excited about this year?

This spring, West Laurel Hill will be offering pet services as well as opening up our dedicated pet cemetery, The Laurels.  Please join us for a ribbon cutting on May 20 (well behaved pets welcome!)


What accomplishment is West Laurel Hill most proud of?

West Laurel Hill is most proud of our community involvement and giving back to our local community as much as we can!


How else are you involved with giving back to the community?

West Laurel Hill proudly supports community organizations and events through donations, sponsorships, and volunteering.   We enjoy sponsoring and attending events, hosting fundraisers in our space, and also participating in volunteering opportunities!

WLH President Pete Hoskins at the IBA’s Business Leaders Luncheon. Photo by JPG Photography.

You’ve got a great spring event lineup this year! Tell us about some of the festivities you’re most excited for.

Kentucky Derby Party – It’s our 5th anniversary of our Derby party, which benefits Hope Springs Equestrian Therapy, so we have a lot of great things planned to celebrate that milestone!

Murder Mystery Dinner – This year’s Murder Mystery takes place in a 1950s diner, so the whole event will be themed around that!  The event benefits the Wayne Art Center.

All upcoming events anddetails can be found on our website.


We can’t wait! What are some other ways IBA Members can connect with WLH?

If you’re looking for a unique venue, consider hosting your event at West Laurel Hill.  We offer a community rate to IBA members!  Contact us for details:!

Deb Cassidy and Zach Wilcha at WLH’s ConnX Garden Party!