Announcing the 2017 HRC Corporate Equality Index

The IBA is proud to recognize our Corporate Parters at Borgata, Comcast, Exelon (PECO), PNC, and TD Bank for their perfect scores in the 2017 Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index.

We are also excited to see this year’s report reflect the strides that are being made nationwide towards inclusion of LGBT Certified Businesses in corporate contracting. See below for more on the CEI’s efforts to include LGBT Supplier Diversity Initiatives in their ranking system:

The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce began certifying LGBT-owned small businesses in 2002, a process that requires substantiation of majority LGBT ownership in a business and verification of a business’ good standing in the community. Supplier diversity initiatives are a win-win relationship for both the LGBT-owned small businesses and the businesses that contract them. By courting LGBT-owned businesses, over one-third of this year’s rated companies and law firms demonstrated their commitment to LGBT inclusion and now reap the benefits of working with businesses in the diverse communities in which they operate. While the CEI criteria will not prescribe the addition of a supplier diversity program nor NGLCC membership, it is seen as a best practice by many leading companies with world-class supplier diversity programs.

For CEI 2017 (calendar year 2016) and CEI 2018 (calendar year 2017):

● Participants will continue earning credit for having an LGBT supplier diversity program as one of their three efforts to earn 10 points under Public Engagement. Starting with CEI 2019 (calendar year 2018):

● Participants with a supplier diversity program must include LGBT suppliers in their outreach efforts to maintain full credit in this section. Participants with a supplier diversity program that does not include LGBT diversity will lose 5 points under Public Engagement.”

With all of the progress being made by national players like HRC and NGLCC, there has never been a better time to get certified. The first step towards certification is joining your local chamber – that’s the IBA for all those in Greater Philadelphia.  Contact us now to learn more about growing your business with LGBTBE Certification!

Read the full CEI report here.