2017 Business Integrity Award Presented to Berner Klaw & Watson

At the 2017 IBA Annual Meeting, IBA Member Berner Klaw & Watson was awarded the Business Integrity Award, presented by Integrity Staffing Solutions.

The award honors a local IBA­-member business that upholds high standards of behavior towards LGBT customers, suppliers, shareholders, community, and/or employees. In partnership with Integrity Staffing Solutions, the IBA developed the award to honor the strong work that its member businesses do. Sean Montgomery, co-founder of Integrity Staffing Solutions, the largest LGBT certified business in the nation, was on hand for the second annual presentation of the award.

Berner Klaw & Watson has a long history of representing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer clients in family matters, going back to the days when non-biological parents lacked standing to even seek custody rights and up until the present when our LGBTQ clients in both New Jersey and now Pennsylvania can marry and divorce. Their representation includes child custody cases, child support actions, second parent adoptions, surrogacy and sperm donor agreements and transgender name changes. Learn more about BKW’s LGBTQ Practice Area on their website.

Congrats, Berner Klaw & Watson!

Staff of Integrity Staffing Solutions, Berner Klaw & Watson, and IBA. Photo by Kelly Burkhardt.