Mentoring Program Description


The goal of the Mentoring Program is to provide a professional development opportunity for future LGBT leaders of the community. The program aims to strengthen relationships between IBA Members who participate as Mentors, the Student Mentees from our student membership base as well as between IBA Alliances and the Mentor employer organizations.

Program Overview

Program participants attend Monthly Mentoring Meetings (at the place of their choosing) over a calendar year. Critical topics that impact long term development and leadership success are selected by the Mentees and discussed in an open forum with their Mentor. Mentees bring real-life situations and receive support and ideas. Monthly Meetings is not mandatory (just suggested) and those who cannot keep their commitment may be requested to leave the program.

Student Mentee Criteria as Follows:

  • A minimum age of 18 years old and matriculated in an accredited school or other education program
  • IBA Student Member
  • Currently demonstrates leadership qualities such as strategic thinking, ability to inspire
  • Capacity to engage colleagues around a vision, and has both the desire and potential to move into progressively responsible future leadership roles.
  • Aspires to develop/strengthen his/her sphere of influence professionally and in the community
  • Maturity, enthusiasm, being a self‐starter, the willingness to share his/her own experiences and to keep the confidences of others
  • Interest in his/her own professional development including but not limited to: Willingness to stretch himself/herself, enhancing leadership skills and awareness of becoming a role model to the LGBT emerging leaders
  • Will keep commitments to do bi-annual check in with Program Manager in order to provide objective feedback about whether they are meeting their goals

Mentor Criteria as Follows:

  • A minimum of 10 years of work experience in their field or industry
  • Help mentee develop realistic goals and set a manageable timeline for those goals
  • Role model the ideal traits that he/she want to instill in the mentees. Mentors lead by example and use their own life experiences and actions to show, not tell, others the proper way to deal with situations
  • Must find time to meet with the mentee at least bi-monthly
  • Will keep commitments to do bi‐annual check in with Program Manager in order to provide objective feedback about whether they are meeting their goals

Application Process / Applicant Selection

  • Download and Complete the Mentoring Application below
  • Mentors and Mentees are matched to the degree possible, according to industry, application content and proximity
  • In the event that matches do not work both parties are “held harmless” and a new match is made

Questions? Contact the IBA at or (215) 557-0190.  Please download and submit the completed application packet to:

Attn: IBA Mentoring Program
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 1132
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Download IBA Mentoring Program Application