February Member in the Spotlight: Magagna & Company: Jone Elle Magagna


Description of product or service:

Magagna & Company is a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) full service provider of print and direct mail services. Our clients range from small, local and nonprofit organizations to large Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

How many years have you been with company or in business?


What company or organization you respect most and why?

Amazon outside of our industry; Standard Register within our industry.

Which business leader or innovator do you most want to emulate and why?

Michelle Obama.

What is the most important business decision you’ve made to date?

To help launch Magagna & Company.

What is the most important life decision you’ve made to date?

To finally accept myself and complete my transition.

When and why did you join the IBA?

October 2016. I joined with the hope of meeting other business leaders from the GLBT community.

Since joining the IBA, what has been the greatest advantage to you and your business being a member of the Chamber?

Networking with members of IBA to promote new business and learn new aspects of managing and running a business.

What is your proudest moment, honor, or achievement?

Being featured in the Intelligencer video and newspaper article on Dr. Christine McGinn in March 2015.

What programs, outreach, or organizations are you involved in that give back to the community?

I am one of the organizers of the Renaissance Transgender Education support group where we have given a safe haven for meeting and sharing with others.

What is a little known fact about you?

I am a really good Skier.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Stone Crab Claws and Ice Cream.

To date, what has been your most favorite vacation spot?

Paris, France and any island with really good beaches.

What is the last book you read?

And Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality by Mark Segal.