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Feminist Apparel

Alan Martofel
(609) 828-6679

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Job Description

Feminist Apparel is looking for a Community Engagement Manager to help us with continuing to nurture and grow our engaged online community. The Engagement Manager will be responsible for managing our social media accounts as well as assist our team with developing social media and content marketing campaigns. Primarily, we are looking for someone who is able to post to our Facebook and Twitter accounts 3-5x/day, while also responding to comments and DMs in a timely and respectful manner. At times, we will ask for help with copywriting our weekly newsletter and social media content, like captions for photos, gifs and memes. While our company’s main focus has been on developing our communities on Facebook and Instagram, we are also interested in bringing on board someone who can help grow our presence on other social media platforms like Pinterest as well.


As a key representative of our purpose-driven company, our Community Engagement Manager will be expected to exercise emotional awareness, have a grasp on appropriate language and be considerate with their phrasing in their messaging as Feminist Apparel’s content often addresses sensitive topics.


Our ideal candidate is a self-starter who is a funny, original thinker. We are hoping to welcome on-board someone who is highly organized, charismatic and has a high level of empathy. An interest/background in online marketing and social media management is preferred. Preference will be given to those who already have a strong working knowledge of the conversations happening in and around intersectional feminism today. Research is vital to this role and we hope to work with someone who is interested and able to stay up to date on the latest developments of the quickly shifting social media landscape.  We want to work with those who are enthusiastic, motivated, and take pride in their work!

Compensation and Benefits

$15/hr, 20 hours/week to start