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DiCaro Consulting LLC

Building Societal Responsibility by Conquering Bias and Overcoming Discrimination Societal Responsibility is everyone’s responsibility and it starts with each person, each life, each interaction, each decision. Societal Responsibility is impacted in the actions and inactions in each person’s daily life and can build upon or undermine Diversity and Inclusion. Bias and discrimination are learned and can stifle a person’s growth; result in subpar performance of employees and organizations. Bias and discrimination aren’t always blatant or obvious. Therefore, bias must be identified and acknowledged before it can be modified and eventually conquered. We deliver training (foundational and refresher) and practical experience, which are critical components of successful bias-breaking. We work with you to identify unconscious bias (the most automatic and least recognized bias) and teach how to conquer it. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) are natural positive outcomes from conquering bias. D&I are the bedrock of successful organizations and must be woven into the fabric of each person’s life in order for D&I to be automatic / unconscious. Employees who live D&I outside the office will be more effective, efficient and successful. This creates a strong and enduring foundation for employee satisfaction and retention. I’ve been a victim of bias, discrimination and bullying; I know their destructive power. These experiences drive me to make positive and lasting change happen now. My perspectives are enhanced by my national and international work experience. My most noteworthy personal accomplishment is successful gender transition; an incredibly educational and enabling experience. I believe we can conquer bias and overcome discrimination one organization at a time by discarding labels and embracing each person for who they are and why they are. We work with each organization to identify challenges, build focused work plans and implement programs to effectively meet each organization’s goals and objectives for Diversity, Inclusion and Unconditional Equality. Why DiCaro Consulting? ¬ Qualified – Hands on, proven experience overcoming bias and discrimination ¬ Customized programming – We live where your employees live; we can easily and comfortably relate to the challenges your employees face ¬ Proactive participation – We convert policies to consistent practices through employee engagement, increasing momentum and innovation ¬ Employee retention – Improving relationships in your workplace; this encourages connectivity; employee nurturing and retention, reduces turnover retraining cost ¬ Community connectivity – As part of the lifecycle learning process, delivering connectivity between the organization and the communities where you live and work Exposures and impacts of going it alone: ¬ Legal exposure – discrimination complaints, lawsuits, deflecting valuable resources ¬ Upheaval – Legal defense costs and financial settlements, upheaval from potential negative outcomes ¬ Damage to your brand, your franchise, your reputation ¬ Shrinkage in your customer reach and declining enterprise value ¬ High employee turnover, increased recruiting and training costs, disruption of your business processes. Negative impact on your ability to attract the best and brightest employees ¬ Reactivity vs. Proactivity – Human resources department constantly playing catch up with the changing workforce and customer demographics

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